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题目An unfitted finite element method by direct extension for elliptic problems on domains with curved boundaries and interfaces

报告人:谢小平 教授(四川大学数学学院

邀请人:沈晓芹 教授(bet356手机版登录网址数学系)


腾讯会议ID: 591 542 260

摘要: We propose and analyze an unfitted finite element method of arbitrary order for solving elliptic problems on domains with curved boundaries and interfaces. The approximation space on the whole domain is obtained by the direct extension of the finite element space defined on interior elements, in the sense that there is no degree of freedom locating in boundary/interface elements. We apply a non-symmetric bilinear form and the boundary/jump conditions  are imposed in a weak sense in the scheme.  The method is shown to be stable without any mesh adjustment or any special stabilization. The optimal convergence rate under the energy norm is derived, and $O(h^{-2})$-upper bounds of the condition numbers are shown for the final linear systems.  Numerical results in both two and three dimensions are presented to illustrate the accuracy and the robustness of the method.


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